BMW plans engine development programme

Top premium car manufacturer BMW is planning an extensive investment programme to develop its next-generation engine at the company's Hams Hall plant near Birmingham. New production lines are being geared up for innovative three- and four-cylinder engines, and over one million components will be machined at the factory this year.

This investment scheme is part of BMW's £750m spend across all sectors of the group's manufacturing sites in Britain. The investment will maintain the Hams Hall factory as a state-of-the-art facility with the capability to take on the enormous task of developing the company's next generation of engines. It will also secure the long-term job security of plant workers.

Speaking about the exciting developments, Hams Hall plant director Markus Fallboehmer said: "The transformation in our plant has been huge. Over the last few years we have completely redeveloped our two main production areas and installed over 600 brand-new pieces of equipment and machinery. While a high level of technology and automation ensures our plant remains a state-of-the-art facility, the ergonomics of the workstations where we have more manual input have been carefully thought through and adjusted to suit each individual member of the team."

Mr Fallboehmer added that the site development is just one piece of the company's global plan for the production of engines. The new Efficient Dynamics high-tech engine range includes diesel and petrol variants that use TwinPower Turbo high-tech engineering, ranging from 3.0 litres down to 1.5 litres. These new engines will be very adaptable and will be utilised in a large variety of concepts.