BMW may replace hardtop on 4-Series convertible

BMW may replace hardtop on 4-Series convertible

When BMW, the world's number one luxury car manufacturer makes a fundamental design decision, you would probably not argue with the logic behind it. The latest such decision sees the German company going back to the fabric roof on the next-generation 4-Series convertible, although nothing official has been announced yet.

It was back in 2007 when the E93 3-Series changed from fabric to hardtop. The new 4-Series convertible is not due in the showrooms until 2020 at the earliest; however, when it arrives, it is very likely to have a fabric roof. According to BimmerToday, the decision has already been taken.

The big bonus of a fabric roof is the weight saving. BMW has already committed itself to producing a new, sportier 4-Series range, which will mean active steering, bigger brakes, anti-roll bars, adjustable dampers and brake-based torque vectoring. With such an extensive list of improvements, which also includes reduced friction wheel bearings it is logical that weight will be part of the equation.

Aluminium and carbon fibre wheels and a fabric roof will take care of the weight issues. We can also expect remote-controlled parking and semi-autonomous driving, including hands-free overtaking. It appears that with or without a hardtop, this car will be worth the wait.

The 4-Series convertible is the official vehicle of pro tennis clubs all over the world and we can expect the new model to be well worth the wait. Designers at BMW are burning the midnight oil in an attempt to deliver something very special.