BMW introduces virtual test drive app

To coincide with the introduction of the new all-electric BMW i3, the German carmaker has decided to launch a smartphone and tablet app that offers a film in which users can 'save the world' combined with a virtual test drive experience.

The interactive movie was filmed in a special 360-degree format by Jason Zada, an Emmy Award winning director. BMW claims it is the first interactive, 360-degree film to be incorporated in an app. Named 'Become Electric', the app will be available from September 26th at the Apple App store and from Google Play.

Marketing director at BMW, Chris Brownridge, said: "Become Electric allows consumers to experience the future of mobility in a revolutionary and exciting new way. You are at the wheel of the new BMW i3 electric car for almost the entire film all while being immersed in a big Hollywood-style movie."

In addition to the new app, the company has introduced an interactive tool for prospective i3 customers. With the i3 and the i8 soon to be launched, the BMW i Genius service uses specially designed software to respond to questions about the cars via text messaging.

The i3 will hit showrooms later in the year and prices for the luxury car will start at £25,680.