BMW claims Alpina is the world's fastest diesel

With a top speed of 173mph, BMW says that the Alpina D3 Bi-Turbo is the fastest diesel production car in the world. The Alpina has recently gone on sale at a price of £46,950 for the saloon and £49,950 for the touring estate.

The Alpina has a tuned version of BMW's 3.0-litre diesel engine and accelerates from 0-62mph at a commendable time of 4.6 seconds. Apart from the acceleration and the top speed, the Alpina is surprisingly economical at 53.2mpg.

The D3 took two years to develop by the team of 50 engineers. The car is based on the BMW 330d; however, it has upgrades to the engine, suspension, gearbox, cooling system, body and wheels.  The engine has been tweaked and now comes with Alpina's own engine control unit (ECU). BMW's single turbo has been replaced with a small pair of turbochargers, which has given the car an increased response time.

To manage the torque, Alpina worked with ZF to adjust the gearbox and changed about 20% of the BMW unit.

The model is aimed at the company car market and comes with branded floor mats and logos on the seats and sills.