BMW 7-Series comes with gesture control and remote parking

BMW 7-Series comes with gesture control and remote parking

BMW's i8 and i3 are in many ways daring examples of combining a luxury car with state-of-the-art technology. BMW as a company has never been afraid to offer cars with advanced innovative systems and the new 7-Series will be no exception.

This car will have an ultra-light body design and come with gesture control and a remote parking function. This means that the 7-Series will be the first production model able to park itself, even in spaces so tight that you could never park and get out of the vehicle.

This is a big saloon but the use of sophisticated lightweight carbon means that it weighs 130kg less than a conventional steel structure. This will make it more economical, though most people will not be buying this car to save money on fuel. The German luxury car manufacturer is following the route taken by its rival Mercedes-Benz, which will also use carbon fibre in the structure of its next-generation E-Class.

Keeping in line with modern trends, the 7-Series will come with a variety of turbocharged and downsized engines and an eight-speed automatic transmission. Nothing has yet been announced about a production hybrid model in the line-up; however, this is more than likely.

The features that will sell this car have got to be the gesture control function and the remote parking control, with the latter activated by a control key, with the BMW 7-Series setting the benchmark for other luxury car manufacturers.