BMW 3-Series Touring offers economy and practicality

BMW 3-Series Touring offers economy and practicality

When it comes to economy, practicality and performance, the BMW 3-Series Touring estate has been well out in front of the pack for at least 20 years. Owners know exactly what they are buying with this beautifully constructed model, but it is not designed for the out-and-out thrill seeker; instead, it is a vehicle for people who want a subtle blend of good - though not hair-raising - performance, fuel economy and comfort combined with a luxurious feel inside and out.

Over the last two decades the small niggles that have been widely documented have mostly been ironed out. One of these niggles was that fact that the boot was not big enough for a family car; however, the new model has an abundance of boot space big enough for most families.

The 3-Series Touring has the capacity to cope with the average family and will not only give a comfortable ride but also provide the driver with the sharpest handling in its class.

Most of the models are rear-wheel drive; however, for a little extra this can be upgraded to the BMW xDrive four-wheel drive system. The upgrade makes the model a serious challenger to the Range Rover Evoque or the Porsche Macan in terms of performance and may well be worth the money if you live in a rural area.

The BMW 3-Series Touring can be bought in a variety of trims: Sport, SE, M Sport, Modern and Luxury.