The Audi story that just won't go away

The old saying about there being no smoke without fire could be relevant to the gossip flying around about Audi entering the world of Formula One. Mercedes has certainly made a success out of its participation, and Audi's continued dominance of the FIA World Endurance Championship, alongside Porsche, might not be enough.

The word from Audi motorsport boss Wolfgang Ullrich is that the constant speculation is just that and the company has no plans to move into Formula One in the near future; however, perhaps now is the right time for the company to at least dip a toe in the water, as the disillusionment of Red Bull and its threat to leave the sport for good mean that Audi could step in as either a buyer or engine supplier.

Talking to MotorSportsTalk a few days ago, Mr Ullrich spoke about how long this speculation had been going on. He said: "This is a discussion I've lived with for 20 years, and we never did it. So I would be surprised if we did it tomorrow. If somebody wants to go into Formula One and they think that they can do it from one to the next year, I think he shouldn't try to do it."

Even though there has been 20 years of talk, perhaps Red Bull's recent problems signify that this time the speculation is being taken a little more seriously.

In the meantime everything looks rosy for the company to continue its success in the FIA World Endurance Championship for the foreseeable future.