Strong sales figures released by Audi for October

Strong sales figures released by Audi for October

There has been an unyielding growth in car sales for Audi as we go into the final two months of the year, which should make the company optimistic for its end of year figures. In October 2013 the German car manufacturer's worldwide sales reached 132,000 units, which is a  6.7% increase on unit sales for the same month in 2012.

For the overall figure calculated on the first ten months of 2013, the number of units sold stands at 1.3 million. This is an increase of 7.5% over the first ten months of last year.

If we break the figures down region by region, the biggest increase in sales for October were in Asia-Pacific, which went up by 14.4%, and in North America, which went up by 9.6%. Total sales in Europe went up by 1.3%, even though there was a decline in sales in the German domestic market of 2.8%.

Even though the figures for the German market were not good, this was offset by substantial growth in the UK and Russia by 14.4% and 5.7% respectively. 10,400 units were sold in the UK, and 3,100 units in Russia.

The strong overall sales figures for the company were partly credited to the launch of the saloon version of the Audi A3, which was in the showrooms from the middle of September.