The powerful Audi A7 is surprisingly economical

The powerful Audi A7 is surprisingly economical

Not all that many years ago it would have been difficult to believe that a performance car that could reach 150mph could also travel 50 miles on just one gallon of petrol. The Audi A7 is such a car, and its aerodynamic fastback shape and 3.00-litre Ultra TDI engine offer lower CO2 emissions than a run-of-the-mill Fiesta and return more miles per gallon than the standard 1.6-litre family car.

German luxury car manufacturer Audi gives the Ultra tag to its super-clean diesel versions, which have an engine tweaked to give optimum economy and linked to the S tronic seven-speed transmission, along with stop-start technology.

The V6 3.00-litre diesel turbo pushes out 215bhp, which drives the car from 0-62mph in a commendable 7.3 seconds; the top speed is 149mph. This is not a vehicle that comes equipped with quattro four-wheel drive; however, the front-wheel drive is more economical to produce and its lightness makes for savings on fuel consumption.

The A7 has a lot going for it, with acres of cabin space and exceptionally low CO2 emissions. Audi claims fuel economy of 60.1mpg; however, realistically, this is closer to 50mpg.The A7 is very comfortable for the driver and passengers and gives a controlled drive with a sporting edge. This equates to hardly any body-roll and extremely high levels of grip on the road.

Priced from £45,875, Audi presents us with performance motoring and frugal fuel consumption - a terrific combination.