Future Audi RS models will use hybrid powertrains

Future Audi RS models will use hybrid powertrains

There is no doubt that luxury car makers trying to meet the stringent requirements of the US CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) regulations will find it tough, and Europe is also introducing much stricter regulations. Audi look likely to manufacture its RS cars using hybrid powertrains to meet the new rules.

Quattro GmbH chief Heinz Hollerweger says that every RS vehicle will be obliged to integrate some type of electrification to abide by tougher EU regulations.

The new rules require vehicles to have fuel economy of at least 65mpg (European measure) and carbon dioxide emissions of less than 100g/km by the year 2021. This means that next-generation Audi models such as the A7, A6, A4, A3, Q7, Q5 and the TT models will be manufactured with an eye on hybrid power.

It is possible that other cars in the company's range will be able to complete another cycle before 2020, allowing them to avoid the rule for emissions.

The R8 supercar gets to keep its V-10 engine, but we are likely to see the electric version sometime next year. Different models will get different forms of electric motors. The A6 TDi Concept was fitted with electric turbochargers, which could be a possibility for other cars as early as 2016.

The RS3 Sportback is the first member of the RS3 line to get approval for production and will have a five-cylinder turbo engine and return around 349hp. The Sportback could be engineered to be hybrid-compatible.