Connectivity high on Audi's list of priorities for the future

German premium car maker Audi has acquired a share of Cubic Telecom - an M2M (machine to machine) company - through its subsidiary Audi Electronics Venture (AEV) and the two organisations are planning to develop connectivity solutions for Audi vehicles. With the IoT (Internet of Things) set to become huge over the next decade, it is not surprising that Audi is looking to develop in this area. Ultimately this is what customers of the future will want in any luxury car they buy and Audi has never been slow when it comes to technological progress.

The general manager of AEV, Peter Steiner, said the aim is improved technology to enable every Audi infotainment system to interact with its surrounding and connect with the internet.

Audi has already demonstrated what it has achieved in this area at events such as the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics show. The connected car based on collaborations with manufacturers of consumer products has already been showcased; however, Audi is keen to push ahead and plans to bring its latest offering to the Asian Consumer Electronics Show at the end of this month. The show will take place in Shanghai and the company will make a keynote speech.

Dublin-based Cubic Telecom is a leading cloud-based M2M provider, offering seamless connectivity to many IoT and corporate clients.