Audi's new Q7 SUV

Audi's new Q7 SUV

Described as the lightest car in its class, the Audi Q7 has a very low centre of gravity. This means the model is more agile than most other cars and maintains a spacious feel in the cabin for the driver and passengers.

Speaking about the Q7, Audi board member Prof Dr Ulrich Hackenberg said: "The new Audi Q7 is a statement of our competence. Weighing 325 kilograms less, it sets the benchmark in its class. It is around 26 per cent more fuel efficient and is equipped with the latest assistance systems, infotainment modules and connect features."

The car has been assembled by Audi engineers using a selection of materials, which makes it light yet sturdy. The new chassis is a perfect example of where the company is heading in future production models, aiming for lightness combined with exceptional performance.

The first batch of Q7s to arrive in the UK will have all-wheel drive and will be powered by TDI 3.00-litre engines capable of propelling the model from 0-62 in a competitive 6.3 seconds. A V6 TDI 3.0-litre returning 47.8mpg will arrive later in 2015.

The Q7 e-tron quattro will appear soon after the conventionally-powered models and will be Audi's first-ever hybrid diesel; it will also be the world's first hybrid to use the all-wheel drive quattro system in the luxury SUV sector. The Q7 hybrid will deliver 166.1 mpg and less than 50grms of CO2/km. With a full battery, this model is capable of travelling almost 35 miles.