Audi will showcase advanced concept in Los Angeles

Audi will showcase advanced concept in Los Angeles

The eagerly-awaited motor show in Los Angeles later this year will see the unveiling of an incredible 60 new vehicles, of which half will be international premières. Audi will be in the mix with its precursor to the A9 almost a certainty.

The new advanced concept to be revealed in LA will give potential buyers a sneak preview of the brand's future 'design language' plans, which feature an extremely high-tech look.

Probably built mostly from aluminium on the same MLB platform used by the new A8 fourth-generation model, the concept will have a few design changes. These include a single frame grille and a newer version of the virtual cockpit digital instrument cluster.

The German luxury car maker is committed to providing its vehicles with state-of-the-art technology; however, as with most concept vehicles, there will be some variations when they eventually roll off the production line. The concept is seen as something to whet the appetite of potential buyers.

There is no indication what the concept car will be eventually called; however, experts believe that the top-of-the-range four-door will be an antecedent to the A9.

With diesel and hybrid models expected, it is thought that the engines will range from a new version of the 3.0-litre V6 twin-turbo to a 600-horsepower V8. As always, the company is eco-conscious and is ultimately looking to produce a model with zero emissions.

With the planned A9 waiting in the wings to make an appearance, competitors such as the Porsche Panamera are in for a fight to maintain their market share.