Audi to upgrade maps in driver assist systems

German premium brand car manufacturer Audi is developing new high-resolution maps. The new system, of which an example can already be seen in the new Q7's predictive efficiency assistant, makes use of the topography of a region to ensure that the car arrives quickly and efficiently at its destination. The maps will also have a significant part to play in self-piloting cars, which the company is currently developing. Speaking about the new system, Audi development chief Ulrich Hackenberg said: "The importance of high-resolution, three-dimensional maps will continue to grow in the future. Here we primarily use the data in situations in which a precise prediction is crucial - eg. data on expressway interchanges, road splits and entrance and exit ramps."

Audi is partnering with companies such as TomTom to develop the futuristic maps and is using a variety of advanced technological methods in the process. The new Audi 8 will be part of this process and we can expect this model to lead the way in piloted driving technology.

This new predictive efficiency assistant, as seen in the Q7, can recognise bends, roundabouts, speed limits and much more, and drivers who use the system could reduce their fuel bills by up to 10%.

The new software will undoubtedly be of great benefit to Audi owners and is another step on the way to the development of the driverless vehicle, which all luxury car manufacturers are currently working towards.