Audi to reveal new A4 in September in Frankfurt

Audi to reveal new A4 in September in Frankfurt

Audi is set to debut the all-new A4 in September at the Frankfurt Motor Show. This is the car the automotive industry has been talking about, and whether it lives up to expectation levels will soon be revealed. The rumour is that this model is going to be more efficient, a lot lighter, and packed with the latest high-tech devices for the driver and passengers.

If you have already put an order in for one of these new super-cars, then you can expect it to be sitting on your drive sometime towards the end of the year. Entry-level prices will start at around £28,000.

For this you get the choice of seven engines: four diesel and three petrol. If you want eco-friendly motoring, then you are going to go for the 2.0-litre TDI. The diesel engine has emission levels of less than 100 g/km; however, apart from this snippet of information, Audi is keeping tight-lipped.

The next-generation model is longer and wider than its predecessor and has a more spacious cabin. If you buy the Avant, then you will enjoy having luggage space of 505 litres - or 1,510 litres if you have the boot down.The standard equipment inside the A4 is what you would expect from one of the top three premium car manufacturers. There is climate control (three-zone) and Audi drive select, plus a smartphone-compatible state-of-the-art infotainment system. Optional extras include collision avoidance assist, rear cross traffic assist, and traffic jam assist.

From what we know already, the A4 appears to be a winner.