Audi targets US EV market

Audi of America announced at the Frankfurt Motor Show that two electric vehicles will enter the US market. The first vehicle will be a production model based on the e-tron concept, which will enter the market in 2018, with another battery-electric vehicle to follow.

The CEO of Audi America, Scott Keogh, confirmed the second phase of his company's move towards electrification, with several plug-in hybrid models already available. Mirroring the action of Tesla Motors, the CEO said that his company wants to push the marketing of EVs using their appeal to consumers' desire for design, functionality and performance. The benefits of zero emissions and efficiency are also in the marketing mix; however, these are not seen as the most appealing features.

Speaking about the recent developments, Mr Keogh said: "Our number one thing is not to build a compliance car but to build a cool, desirable car, because that's what's going to help our brand, and our customers are going to like it." He added that the perfect battery range would be around 300 miles, saying this would be "the perfect sweet spot".

The concept e-tron quattro has a range of 310 miles and delivers up to 500bhp and 590lb/ft of torque when peaking. Audi of America has been lobbying for the electric crossover to be of a similar size to existing crossovers that are doing well in the showrooms. The size of the new vehicle will be similar to the Q7 and the Mercedes GLE-Class.

Audi's push for electric cars in the US is gaining momentum, with more plug-in hybrids soon to join the existing line-up.