Audi SQ5 gets even more power

Audi SQ5 gets even more power

Audi is introducing the Ultimate Q-car based on the well-respected and high-performance Q5. The SQ5 has already impressed with its seriously impressive performance; however, the luxury German car manufacturer has decided to 'Plus' it up.

The resulting SQ5 Plus gets a 3.0-litre RDI V6 twin-turbo engine that delivers a mighty 340hp and 700Nm of torque. For those of us who don't really understand the technicalities, in real terms this means a blistering 0-62mph in 5.1 seconds. The car has been electronically limited to a top speed of 155mph.

If these performance figures don't make you raise at least one eyebrow, then Audi claims that this monster should be able to return 40mpg and has pretty good CO2 emissions at 175g/km.

The car not only performs well but is also a head-turner. It has 21-inch five-spoke aluminium wheels and the cabin is luxurious and functional, with Nappa leather seats and all the high-tech gadgets you would expect from an Audi.

The company, through quattro GmbH, has put together a package of special equipment: the Audi exclusive selection macaw blue. This has been limited to 100 units for the SQ5 Plus. The body is painted in stunning customised macaw blue, which has a crystal effect, and the inside has sport seats in Nappa leather in a matching colour for an eye-catching effect.

The standard SQ5 costs £45,000, and the Plus version is expected to cost in the region of £55,000.