Audi reveals Prologue concept in Los Angeles

Audi reveals Prologue concept in Los Angeles

The new generation of Audi styling, interior design and technology has been revealed in LA in the form of the new Prologue concept car, with experts saying that this concept vehicle could provide us with clues about the new super-luxury A9.

It is widely accepted that the Prologue will closely resemble the new A9, the extremely plush new flagship planned for 2016 to rival the Mercedes S-Class coupe. The Prologue could also reveal some pointers to the development of a new-generation A8, including a four-wheel steering system and an all-new 48-volt electrical package.

The Prologue has some distinguishing characteristics, such as taut surfacing, a prominent shoulder line and some finely-honed detailing. The look of this concept is elegantly muscular, with designer Marc Lichte hinting that this is a reflection of what the future holds

Audi's chief of development, Ulrich Hackenberg, said: "When he moved to Audi, Marc Lichte launched a design offensive. It is progressive and highly emotional. The Audi Prologue is the first proponent - it is a signature car for Audi."

Audi executives say that around 80% of the concept's design will be used in future production models. Three production vehicles based on the concept have already been decided and will make an appearance over the next two to three years; for example, the design of the A6 and A4 has already been frozen and integrated into the new Audi design language.

Mr Hackenberg added that it would be "no trouble" for the company to produce a large production saloon based on the Prologue concept.