Audi reveals new safety-orientated technology for autonomous driving

Top German luxury car maker Audi has released details about its latest advances in driving technology, which are geared towards safer autonomous driving. In this instance the company is focused on piloted driving and the newly-developed high-tech software will be in the form of a centralised control module the size of an average tablet.

The company calls this a "key milestone" in the development of the driverless vehicle. The self-driving car is an industry obsession at the moment and Audi is showcasing its efforts with this new piece of technology.

The drive assistance module - zFAS - will control data it receives from the vehicle's sensors and will quickly compute an assessment of the area the vehicle is passing through. The collated information will then be rolled out to the various assistance systems in the vehicle. Audi claims that its central controller will effectively be an industry first once it is installed and fully operational in piloted driving models. Audi is also moving towards the possibility of piloted cars learning while they are being driven, which will be achieved through technology such as LTE, cloud-based technology, and artificial intelligence.

The future of the driverless car, according to Audi, appears to be that it will be controlled by something akin to a human brain that can think for itself. Regardless of whether this can be achieved, it certainly appears that there are interesting times ahead in the world of car manufacturing.