Audi maintains ambition to become world's biggest car manufacturer

In 2014 Audi AG started the largest investment spending spree in its long and illustrious history. The aim, as always, was to rise from being the world's second biggest premium car maker and knock rival BMW off the top spot.

The Audi brand is part of the Volkswagen Group, which is the biggest car manufacturer in Europe and second internationally to Toyota. Audi AG's hopes that its planned spending of €24bn (£17bn) in the next five years will help to push Volkswagen forward and knock Toyota off its number one position as the world's leading car maker. Audi's investment will be used to introduce new models, improve connectivity technology, develop alternative powertrains, and design new lightweight architectures. The chief executive of the company, Rupert Stadler, says that he is 100% happy with the way in which the company is expanding its range of SUVs.

It is expected that Audi will have 60 model variants by the beginning of the next decade, which is ten more than it has at the moment. The company is well and truly concentrating on the SUV market, which it predicts will keep expanding as demand increases. With a range extending from the entry-level Q1 right up to the flagship Q8, Audi is ready to respond to future market trends and is likely to produce other new variants in addition to the A7 and A5 Sportback models.

Mr Stadler insisted that focus must be on SUVs and not compact minivans, despite BMW unveiling two compact MPVs recently.