Audi dismisses plans to enter Formula One racing

Audi dismisses plans to enter Formula One racing

There has been speculation that Audi could enter Formula One (F1) racing for some time now. Mercedes has participated successfully and the publicity it has gained has been no bad thing for showroom sales; however, the luxury German car maker has once again denied that it is poised to battle it out with its rivals on the F1 circuit and has poured cold water on all the conjecture, for the time being at least.

One of the main reasons why rumours started about Audi's F1 ambition was because of the recent departure of its head, Ferdinand Piech. His successor at the helm, Martin Winterkorn, was thought to be much more open to entering the F1 foray.

Audi is a major player in the Volkswagen brand and there is no doubt that any success would add to production model sales figures. There was even a feasibility study about the possibilities of entering Audi into F1 racing carried out in 2014.

An Audi spokesperson said: "The current situation is that Audi definitely has no intention to enter F1." The spokesperson added that there is no capacity within the company to start such a project due to its existing commitments to DTM and Le Mans.

Audi Sport has started moving its operations from Ingolstadt in Germany to a new location in Neuburg. Company chief Wolfgang Ullrich was asked whether there would be new opportunities as a result of the move, to which he replied: "We now have adequate grounds and perfect facilities to set ourselves up." What this means will be revealed in due course.