Audi A0 could reach showrooms by 2015

Audi A0 could reach showrooms by 2015

The head of Audi, Rupert Stadler, thinks that there is room in the company brand for a car to slot in below the A1, and has said that he would like it to be in the showrooms by 2015. The new Audi A0 would be a version of the Volkswagen up! city car, which is already on sale in Europe.

The Audi A0 would no doubt be a premium version of the Volkswagen and have upgraded lights, interiors and trim, and a more technologically-advanced infotainment system. Just like the up!, the engine that powers the A1 would be 1.0-litre; however, it would be tuned to produce 109hp, whereas the Volkswagen has a power rating of 59hp and 74hp.

The overall shape of the Audi A0 would not be too dissimilar to the up!, which has a 'boxy' upright look similar to BMW's new i3 electric car. Audi would be likely to offer the A0 with an all-electric powertrain, probably taken from the 80hp e-up!

The price of the Audi A0 would be likely to be more than its Volkswagen counterpart; if the model ever does go on sale in the UK, it should be priced at around £10,000.

* The original source of the image used in this story is by Auto Express and can be found here