A3 crucial for Audi's US sales figures

A3 crucial for Audi's US sales figures

March 2015 was the best-ever month for Audi A3 sales in the US. The model was introduced around ten years ago and last month was the first time that its sales topped the 3,000 mark, which equates to 18% of the luxury car manufacturer's total car sales in the US.

The US market for the big three premium car brands is challenging. When it is considered that the Audi A3 is the eighth best-selling car in the UK so far in 2015, you can put its US sales into perspective. In the first quarter Audi sold 14,358 units in the UK, which is nearly double the number of US sales despite the UK market being more than 80% smaller.

Having such a high volume of entry-level A3 sales in the US has been vitally important to the company. In March Audi reported its second-best monthly sales total, the best March ever, and the 51st monthly sales record in succession.

The Audi A3 recorded sales of 3,081, the Q3 1,268, and the best-selling Q5 saw its sales figures increase by 17%. As a brand Audi sales went up a highly commendable 20%; however, new vehicle volume went up by just 0.5% in March 2015.

The first quarter of this year saw Audi achieve a 14% improvement over the same period last year, which is a pretty good achievement in an aggressive market that increased by just 6% overall.