Announcing the Arrival of the New Nissan Leaf

Announcing the Arrival of the New Nissan Leaf

As an environmentally conscious company, AMT are always looking to enhance our fleet with the latest technological advances in low emission motoring and so we are delighted to announce the arrival next month of the brand new, fully electric 2015 Nissan Leaf which is now available to hire from our Leeds and London offices.

The Leaf, from Japanese manufacturer Nissan, was first launched in 2010 to the American and Japanese market coming to Europe in 2011 and since its launch, has gained considerable popularity and is now the best-selling fully electric car in the world.

What's New in the 2015 Edition?

Since its inception, there have been a number improvements to the Nissan Leaf, most notably when it comes to driving range with the 2015 edition capable of an impressive driving distance of up to 120 miles between charges (depending on driving style and conditions)

Another area where the Leaf has made significant advancements for 2015 is charging the battery and the latest model comes with intelligent charge scheduling which allows you to have the car charge at the cheapest time of day which is normally night time. You can even now stop, start and program your battery charging schedule from your mobile phone.

A negative perception that has dogged the electric car industry for years is that the look and comfort of an EV just doesn't meet that of a regular car and this is another area where Nissan is trying to differentiate itself. The 2015 Leaf comes in three different attractive trims and has a whole host of internal features comparable to any regular car.

Benefits of Hiring an Electric Car in London

Some of the greatest benefits to driving an electric car come if you live in London and If you are hiring the Nissan Leaf from our London office then in addition to getting a great, environmentally friendly driving experience, you can also make real savings on your day to day motoring costs.

Transport for London offer a number of incentives for drivers of electric vehicles including a 100% discount on the congestion charge and free or reduced parking in many boroughs across the city. You can find more information about these benefits on the Transport for London website.

If you are interested in being one of the first customers to try the fantastic new Nissan Leaf when it arrives on our fleet next month then you can contact our reservations team on 0800 009 6938 or email [email protected]