£200,000 boost for electric cars fleet

£200,000 boost for electric cars fleet

With growing demand for 'green' vehicles, we have made a £200,000 investment in our fleet with the addition of further models of all-electric cars, including the high performance Tesla .  The vehicles will be available at our Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham and London locations.

Believed to be the first company to offer the Tesla as a daily, weekly or monthly rental option, the vehicles, together with a number of Nissan Leaf models, mark our commitment to grow our fleet to include a wider choice of energy-efficient cars.

The five seat saloon Model S is the first bespoke vehicle from US luxury electric performance marque, Tesla, which recently opened an operation in Knutsford close to our new North West rental location.  The company is lauded as having revolutionised the electric car by retaining the acceleration traditionally expected from top-end, performance cars, and giving a top speed of 155 miles per hour.  Its large 85kWh battery gives a range of up to 338 miles from a single, full charge. One of the safest and quietest cars on the road, the all-wheel drive Model S also features automatic steering and parking systems.

The British-built Nissan Leaf, which has once again topped the list of the UK's most popular electric cars, is a small hatchback with a 30kWh battery, giving a range of up to 155 miles from a single charge.   It is capable of 0-62mph in 11.5 seconds and is one of the quietest cars currently available. It also features advanced remote support, allowing the car to be connected to a mobile phone through an app, so charging can be managed remotely.

Andy Crinson, general manager of AMT Vehicle Rental, explained: "With zero emissions and low running costs, electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular and as an independent company, we have the flexibility to respond quickly to our customers' demands.  We are one of the first rental companies in the UK to offer premium electric cars and hybrids with nearly 10% of our fleet now made up of these energy-efficient vehicles, giving customers a wide range of options from an economical city centre run-about like the Leaf to the stylish high performance Tesla sports car.

"This investment comes at a time when we feel the market is sufficiently mature to be able to offer a range of eco-friendly vehicles, and all the cost savings they bring, while still retaining the quality and performance they have come to expect from our range of prestige cars.  "

Powered solely by an electric motor, the cars not only remove the cost of fuel, but also give further cost savings as they have far fewer moving parts, meaning that oil changes are no longer necessary and servicing is much less frequent. They are road tax and congestion charge exempt and eligible for various government incentives, including being exempt from the Benefit-in-Kind rate for company car drivers.

Electric vehicle charging points at motorway service stations and even at supermarkets are becoming increasingly common and we have our own charging points.